Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro (SE) is a visual artist producing live-based events, performance, video performance, installation, sculptural objects and text-based works.

Rasmus Raphaëlle’s artistic practice is largely based on questions about identity construction and gender performativity in combination with subjective desires in these processes. In the work there is a grave, still playful attitude to the notion of the real, typically enhanced by the use of fictional elements in the narration.

The artwork often consists of scenographic installations and spatial stagings that surrounds, contextualizes and interconnect ephemeral elements implicated by the performers presence awareness and presence control. Questions about an expanded concept on acting, spanning between conscious and unconscious models of acting are discussed. Strategies from the artist’s background and interest in drag plays a central role for how acting is used and understood. Drag frequently combines the fictive and the documentary and creates a platform between these two realities. Drag is often confrontative. Drag can use stereotypes and ultra genders to create a distance to the real and make its mocking of identity productive, constructive and perhaps more true than reality itself. From the profound interest in the identity construction strategies of drag comes the dedication in the withering away from cemented roles in the field of acting. Trough an expanded concept on acting, scenographic directing and performative strategies - actively crossing borders between performance art and performing arts, and as such interdisciplinary at its core, Rasmus Raphaëlle investigates agreements and the balance of power between actor and spectator to blur, enhance or create ambivalence about perceived boundaries, positions and conventions that occur between these two positions in different environments and within different artistic disciplines.

Recurring keywords are ultra femininity, balance of power, transformation and transgression on multidimensional levels. As well as the crossing of borders between the fictitious, factitious and real, the personal and the political, between gravity and playfulness.

Rasmus Raphaëlle is educated at Konstfack - University College of Arts Crafts and Design (SE), Bergen Academy of Art and Design (NO), Stockholm University of the Arts/DOCH (SE), Gothenburg School of Art (SE) and The Swedish National Ballet School (SE)

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