Femme Desires

In the work Femme Desires (2018) the spectators are invited into a world where the ultra-feminine reigns in a ruthless but cautious way. Through feminine notions and with the usage of feminine encoded attributes the work aspire to create a delicate but assertive atmosphere where the artist's profound interest in questions regarding feminine urges, feminine trans-identities and femmeness are explored and communicated through a choreographic and performative context. With influences from the ASMR-culture, the work highlights questions about subjective desires in processes of identity construction and gender performativity in a intimate and gravely playful way.

Exhibition score for Femme Desires (PDF)

Information about the installation:

Score – Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro

Information about the video:

Performer/editing – Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro

Photo – Johan Lundin

Information about the performance:

Score/performer – Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro

Lenghth – approximately 15 minutes

Exhibited at B3IG3.

Photo: Johan Lundin

© Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro 2011-2018