Moder Norrland

Moder Norrland (2011) is a video-performance that interpret and embodies the idea of the first Akka, ancestress and mother goddess, Máttaráhkká. According to ancient Sámi world view the earth mother figure Máttaráhkká is the mother of life and of the tribe, goddess of women and children. It is she who gives humans their bodies. In the work, the idea of Máttaráhkká functions as a symbol of belongingness to femininity, as a political symbol with likeness to Mother Earth, as well as the mourning but caring national personification, Mother Russia.


The backdrop for the performance is a snapshot taken at the top of the fell Dundret (Váhtjerduottar in Lulesamiska), located in Gällivare, Lappland - the birthplace of the artist. The picture is projected onto a large screen while the performer is placed mainly between the projector and the screen, appearing as a silhouette to the spectators. According to ancient Sámi worldview, all fetuses were once girls, and the children that was suspected to go from boy to man had to accept the fact that they one day would have to leave the feminin community. The work can be read as a staged revisitation that symbolizes and reflects the wishes of regeneration or acceptance based on a feminine spectrum that the artist had as a child, and still discusses and rephrases with and in their queerness and queer art practice.


Information about the production:

Performer/editing – Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro

Photo – Lovisa Boucher

Original sound – Patrick Wolf (Finale and Epilogue)


Exhibited at Norrbottenssalong 2012.

© Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro 2011-2020