The Stage is Yours

The Stage is Yours (2014) is a scenographic installation, a mise-en-scène of ’reality’ and a constantly ongoing live act that creates possibilities for bodily explorations with prospects to destabilise and reformulate assumptions about the spectators position.


The installation consists of four tripods with spotlights facing a 31.5 meter long glitter drop curtain that splits the exhibition space and creates a two-sided stage. The glitter curtain is a dividing line between two areas, a distinct yet subtle distinction between what might be perceived fiction and reality - a curtain where the other reality seeps through. At the same time the glitter drop curtain functions as a portal where the spectator/actor has an opportunity to make an entrance or exit and step in and out of character, shift identity in order to from different perspectives examine their personas. The spotlights that faces the curtain illuminates te scene as well as they activate the glitter curtain in form of a sculptural object and/or co-star.


During the exhibition Now Showing: The Stage is Yours & Collaborative Processes - Exploring and Performing Dualistic Identities, a series of live-based collaborations took place in connection to the installation. You can find the documentation here:

Photo: George G12

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